Administrative, Cultural and Sport Complexes

Due to diversification of industry, offices are being required to have more diverse work environments. Therefore, through a detailed study on users and close communication with them, we try to establish work environment which is optimized for its business type and company culture. Gorouh-E-Chahar’s design expertise is not only to shape the physical use of space but also to enhance work efficiency, energy saving, and optimize life cycle cost. With such perspective we create better workplaces to emphasize people and their performance.

Cultural and exhibition spaces are the indicators that reflect the cultural level of the local. Gorouh-E-Chahar has contributed in establishing the local identity by designing numerous cultural and exhibition projects from art galleries, performance halls, theaters and mosques.

Gorouh-E-Chahar has a wide range of sports portfolio that includes multi-purpose indoor/outdoor stadiums, fitness facilities and leisure facilities. Gorouh-E-Chahar makes ideal solutions to all complicated demands through collaborative approach based on large scale structure knowledge and BIM performance.

Since its foundation in 1958, Gorouh-E-Chahar has designed and supervised the construction of more than 100 administrative buildings, cultural centers, residential, sport and industrial complexes with over 700000 square meter construction area all over the country.

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