What We Do

As one of the largest, highest-level and a leading Consulting Engineers firm across the nation and with decades of experience, we partner with our clients to solve the most complex challenges and build legacies for generation to come. Everything we do is built on commitment to do the right thing for our customers, our people and our community.

We believe any optimum design require 6 main phases, each of which plays a critical role in the success of the project. We at GOROUH-E-CHAHAR prefer to work with our client through every phase we describe below to ensure the smooth completion of the project as we carry out each phase with the intention of keeping the project on budget and within code requirements. That said, the client may decide to contract with us to complete one or more phases separately, as they see fit.

Pre-design and Programming

Pre-design is an information gathering phase that will be the foundation for the design phases to follow. The main goal during this phase is to learn everything possible about the plot of land, any existing structure and client’s need. We also do background research to better understand how the site relates to the surrounding area, climate, people, and the regulations that affect the project. We will gather information regarding soil condition which can significantly affect the project size and shape and also any codes and standard related to the project in hand. This information is organized into a document called the Program, which describes all the rooms and spaces for the project, their approximate sizes and any specific qualities or unique features that client is looking for.

Schematic Design

In this phase, we begin the process of translating the Program and client’s wishes into an efficient building design. This involve sketches, drawings, 3D renderings, preliminary site plans, floors shape, building elevation and form. This phase includes several meetings where we present ideas to client and refine the ideas according to client’s feedback until we reach an agreed upon design direction to develop further in the following phases. It is always possible to make changes later, but it is easiest during this phase when the design is most fluid.

Design Development

During Design Development, we advance the design significantly based on the floor plan and exterior concept approved in the previous phase. By the end of the Design Development phase, the building exterior will be more fully designed, the interior layout completed, spaces size finalized, and most materials selected. Throughout this phase, it is important to evaluate how systems, material selection, preliminary structure, mechanical and electrical systems reflect the schematic design concept. Our in-house Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Medical engineers will be added to the team to develop the design. The deliverable will be a more detailed set of drawings that communicates the overall layout and volume of the building or space, all significant equipment, and the type of material or finish for every aspect of the project. Specification books for all disciplines (Architecture, Interior Design, Structure, Mechanical system, Electrical system, Medical equipment) will be generated in this phase and once been approved by client will be the foundation of following phases. We will also submit a set of approved drawings by clients to local authority to get their permission. At this point, a preliminary cost estimate will come into view.

Construction Drawings

In this phase we develop the Design Drawings into a thorough and precise set of Construction Documents. We will prepare detailed set of drawings, specifications and necessary notes for all disciplines (Architecture, Interior Design, Structure, Mechanical system, Electrical system, Medical equipment) to communicate the entire design intent to construction teem. A complete set of drawings and information will also be sent to local authority to get their final approval for construction. 


Bidding is where the owner prepares to select the contractor for the job and sign contracts to proceed with construction. Based on approved submitted material in last phase we will prepare a complete bill of quantity in all disciplines and a more accurate cost estimate for the project will be available at this time.  Based on project size and type we can introduce our clients to a number of reputable and capable contractor in that field and as well as submitting bid packages to bidders. We will review submitted bids, provide analysis, and help client compare the cost figures that they receive from bidders. This phase will ensure the contractors client is considering for construction are reading the blueprints correctly and are providing an accurate bid for the project. 

Construction administration and Supervision

After selection of appropriate contractor as per our client request, we will put a team of engineers in all disciplines at project site to supervise contractor works, answer question, address any issues. Also our engineers at central office will be available to answer any question raised by client, contractor during this phase and they will visit project site periodically to gather report regarding project progress.  Any changes to the work are documented through change orders during this phase. We review and approve contractor's submittals, shop drawings, requests for Change Orders and requests for payment.

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