Our Departments

We believe the optimum design is one in which the architectural design is functionally integrated with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and process components. In order to reach such goal, we gathered all required discipline including Architectural Engineers, Interior Designers, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Medical Engineers and Construction Managers in our central office resulting in greater design and more efficiency.

Architecture and Interior Design Department

Architecture and interior design are the combination of our employer needs, society values, art and technology all coming together to build environment that enrich people’s lives and elevate the human spirit. Our architects, interior designers and planners are with our clients every step of the way, from initial concept through design and construction to completion. Whether we are designing a medical center that is comfortable and supports healing and helps to remedy patients; a commercial environment to enhance brand and drive revenue; an educational or research space that sparks discovery, a hospitality space that makes you feel at home and can be a symbol of our nation culture and helps to attract tourists, our goal is to apply and combine our technical expertise, creativity, ancient Iranian architecture and modern technology in order to enhance everyday life. GOROUH-E-CHAHAR architects are committed to deliver creative and innovative solutions, maximizing resource efficiency, incorporating flexibility and sustainability, and achieving highly effective built environments.

Civil and Structure Department

Due to the location of our country which is on one of the most seismicity tapes of the world and also considering that most of the projects handled by our company are vital and crucial to serve people in the time of disaster, without a doubt structural design is one the most important part of all our projects. Therefore, with understanding the classical and traditional construction philosophy and their problems and disadvantages, our expert engineers have always tried to use modern systems and materials and new technology to make more efficient and more effective structures and improve the behavior of the structure against earthquake. Meanwhile, in geotechnical and excavation activities as well as strengthening the foundation also efficient and modern technics are being used.

Electrical Department

During last few decades there has been a great development in technical and scientific approach to design, build and the materials used in construction. Most of these changes are established in order to use proper equipment and installation to provide more efficient service, greater productivity, better communication, protection and security, energy efficiency and cost reduction. With rich heritage in the design of high-performance building all over the nation, we bring leading-edge thinking in to our projects in an approach that ensures compliance with local and international regulations and standards. From day one, we work to ensure that the electrical distribution requirements, standby power generation, lighting, building security and integrated IT systems are robust, safe and cost effective in terms of product specification and long-term running costs. 

Mechanical Department

Providing comfortable spaces for occupants, operational simplicity, efficiencies, environmental impact, initial and operating cost are key considerations in HVAC system design and selection. Achieving this requires an integrated approach, working with all members of the design team to ensure that the mechanical systems are strategically integrated into the project. We apply engineering strategies to conserve natural resources, create healthier spaces, and reduce operational costs. we will always pursue a sustainable solution by exploring the use of the building's location, orientation, shading and structural form to drive down the need for mechanical installations. 

Medical Equipment Department

Generally, spaces are designed to encompass people, equipment and furniture. Therefore, in designing each particular space designer should anticipate enough room for installation and maintenance of these equipment and also consider the necessary structural, mechanical and electrical needs for this purpose. With above consideration, we believe that it would be very helpful to prepare equipping plans and drawings from the very first step in designing any building. This is very important strategy especially in design of healthcare facilities. 

Construction Management Department

Professional Construction Management including construction administration and construction supervision are precondition for the successful implementation of a project in terms of time, quality and cost. By employing and enhancing the best available resources, our construction managers, resident engineers, supervising engineers, and inspectors utilize their local knowledge and Group4 growing experience to deliver world class skills in quality. During the critical implementation phase, we support our customers by providing the following services:

  • Providing Complete details, specification and list of material and estimating project cost.
  • Selecting an appropriate contractor based on their past experience in similar works and their grade.
  • Site supervision and construction supervision.
  • Employing experienced engineers on site to cooperate with contractor’s staff and supervise different stages of construction.
  • Project daily inspection and supervision.
  • Consulting services during construction.
  • Design review and modification of design if it is needed.
  • Shop drawing review.
  • Construction cost control and invoice approval process.
  • Claims management.
  • Material submittal approval.
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