Our History

GOROUH-E-CHAHAR consulting engineering firm was founded on October 2nd 1958 by four friends and classmates who were graduated from faculty of fine art from Tehran University (“Seyhoon” gallery). These founders were: Jafor Gholy afshar Ghassemloo, Seyed Morteza “Abdolamir” Moosavi, Abdol Karim Ardalan and Mahmoud Tooserkani. Until February 16th 1982, The Company was Co. Ltd type with the directorship of its shareholders Mr. Afshar Ghassemloo, Mr. Ardalan and Mr. Toosrkani. Considering the necessity for participation of experts from other disciplines, especially Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in order to improve the quality of provided services, the colleagues who were working in these departments formed a new arrangement for Directors Board and they took the responsibility of managing the company and these four departments.