Civil and Structural Engineering


Due to the location of our country which is on one of the most seismicity tapes of the world and also considering that most of the projects awarded to this firm are vital and crucial to serve people in the time of disaster, without a doubt structural design is one the most important part of all our projects.Therefore, with understanding the classical and traditional construction philosophy and their problems and disadvantages, our expert engineers has always tried to use modern systems and materials and new technology to make more efficient and more effective structures and improve the behavior of the structure against earthquake. Meanwhile, in geotechnical and excavation activities as well as strengthening the foundation also efficient and modern technics are being used.With this introduction, the following services are provided in our civil and structure department:

  • Preparing documentation for geotechnical studies and seismic hazard analysis after site inspection.
  • Inspecting and contemplating the common construction methods and materials on the site.
  • Studying efficient and safe structure systems for the project.
  • Modeling the structure with most up to dated software in order to select the efficient system.
  • Preparing first phase studies report and drawings.
  • Studying and selection of stabilizing system for the trenches caused by the excavation at the site of the projectsuch as Nailing, Anchorage, Retaining walls, Concrete pile, Plastic pile, Jet grouting, SDM and providing relatedplans and documents.
  • Studying and selection of wall and floor drainage system.
  • Using the latest international and local codes and standards in all of calculations and design.
  • Taking advantage of latest soft wars in calculating and designing the structure and foundation.
  • Non-linear analysis in order to understand the behavior of the structure.
  • Use of the friction damper which increase the energy dissipation in structures.
  • Taking into consideration all other none structural elements such as architectural, mechanical, electrical,furniture and equipment which in the time of an earthquake or sometimes intense wind will dislocate.
  • Performing CFT analysis to control wind effect on the building shape.
  • Preparation of detailed design drawings.
  • Preparing a list of materials.
  • Providing Supervision, direction and guidance during construction and submitting new drawing if it is needed.