Electrical Installations and Equipment


During last few decades there has been a great development in technical and scientific approach to design, build and the materials used in construction. Most of these changes are established in order to use proper equipment and installation to provide more efficient service, greater productivity, better communication, protection and security, energy efficiency and cost reduction.With rich heritage in the design of high performance building all over the nation, we bring leading-edge thinking in to our projects in an approach that ensures compliance with local and international regulations and standards. From day one, we work to ensure that the electrical distribution requirements, standby power generation, lighting, building security and integrated IT systems are robust, safe and cost effective in terms of product specification and long-term running costs. Some of the services provided by our Electrical engineering department are:

  •  Design of interior and exterior lighting system using the latest standards and software.
  • Estimating the amount of electrical energy consumed in lighting, electrical sockets, equipment, HVAC systems, domestic water and fire boosting units plus sewage treatment systems.
  • Selection and design of backup energy systems in case of power failure (Internal generator, solar power generator system, UPS uninterruptible, and etc.)
  • Selection of proper medium voltage distribution network (location and the number of inside transformer posts), low voltage distribution network (main, semi-major and minor distribution panels) and their feed.
  • Design and calculation of capacitor network in order to restore the power factor.
  • Design of telecommunication network.
  • Design of Closed circuit television (CCTV) network.
  • Design of Paging, CCTV security, Intercom, Nurse Call, Computer and IT networks.
  • Design of Earthling system.
  • Design of lighting arrester and secondary protection system.
  • Design of power distribution network for mechanical rooms.
  • Design of Building management system (B.M.S) and selection of related instruments and devices.
  • Preparing the bill of quantities and the specification of commodities.
  • Preparing tender documents and selection of proper contractor.
  • Supervision on execution of works.