Mechanical Installations and Equipment


Providing comfortable spaces for occupants, operational simplicity, efficiencies, environmental impact, initial and operating cost are key considerations in HVAC system design and selection. Achieving this requires an integrated approach, working with all members of the design team to ensure that the mechanical systems are strategically integrated into the project. We apply engineering strategies to conserve natural resources, create healthier spaces, and reduce operational costs. we will always pursue a sustainable solution by exploring the use of the building's location, orientation, shading and structural form to drive down the need for mechanical installations. Some of the services provided by our Mechanical engineering department are:

  • Studying project’s need and installation requirements in order to prepare preliminary reports and drawings.
  • Evaluation of different HVAC system in terms of initial and operating cost, environmental impacts and efficiency and propose the ideal system for the project in hand.
  • Calculation of cooling and heating load.
  • Indoor Air Quality control
  • Humidity management
  • Building automation systems and controls
  • Central plant systems design
  • Selection and calculation of main mechanical room installation such as boilers, chillers, heat exchangers and pumps.
  • Designing domestic cold and hot water system.
  • Design of proper fire protection network such as sprinklers and fire boxes.
  • Design of storm drainage systems.
  • Steam and condense piping systems.
  • Design of natural or propane gas network.
  • Design of medical gas network in healthcare facilities and selection of related central equipment.
  • Calculation of laundry loads and selecting suitable equipment in hospital and hotels.
  • Calculating the capacity of central sterile equipment in hospitals.